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  • STETON won the honor of excellent enterprise with high-quality development in 2022
    All employees of Nanjing Steton Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. have the courage to innovate and strive hard, and have completed all tasks and objectives in 2022 with high quality. The government of Lishui District and Fengzhen Town of Nanjing City awarded STETON a high-quality development enterprise
  • Structure of horizontal directional drilling rig
    Various specifications of horizontal directional drilling machines are composed of drilling system, power system, directional control system, mud system, drilling tools and auxiliary tools. Their structure and functions are described as follows:1. Drilling rig system: it is the main body of the dril
  • Characteristics of horizontal directional drilling
    The characteristics of horizontal directional drilling construction are as follows:1. Directional drilling crossing construction will not hinder traffic, destroy green space and vegetation, affect the normal life and work order of shops, hospitals, schools and residents, and solve the interference o
  • What is a horizontal directional drill?
    The horizontal directional drilling rig is a construction machine for laying a variety of underground utilities (pipelines, cables, etc.) without excavating the ground surface. It is widely used in the laying construction of flexible pipelines such as water supply, electricity, telecommunications, n
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