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  • ST3800

  • 思特通


Engine Power KW 2*295/2200 Size(L*W*H) mm 18800x31600x3600

Max Thrust force

KN 3800 Weight T 58

Max Pullback force

KN 3800

Diameter of drilling rod

mm φ 140/168

Max Torque

N.M 138000

Length of drilling rod

m 9.6

Max Rotary speed

rpm 95

Max diameter of pullback pipe

mm φ 300~2000(Soil Depended)

Max Moving speed of power head

m/min 38

Max construction length

m 2000(Soil Depended)

Max Mud pump flow

L/min NA

Incidence Angle

° 8~19

Max Mud pressure

Mpa NA

Climbing Angle

° 18

Main Performance Characteristics

  1. Machine Structure: The main unit and power system are integrated, meeting domestic and international transportation regulations for easy transport.

  2.Equipped with a robotic arm, the large-scale drilling rig can automatically perform rod loading and unloading         actions, significantly reducing labor costs and improving work efficiency.

  3.Configured with two high-power and efficient low-noise Cummins engines, capable of flexible operation in               dual-machine or single-machine mode, resulting in energy savings.

  4.Both push-pull and rotation mechanisms utilize the Sauer hydraulic closed-loop system from the United States,       ensuring high efficiency, stability, and reliability. They are equipped with original imported Poclain motors from       France, improving

  5.efficiency by over 20% compared to traditional hydraulic systems, while reducing heat generation and saving           energy by 20%.

  6.Both rotation and push-pull mechanisms feature fully proportional linear stepless speed control for precise              operation.

  7.The front and rear clamps of the clamp can be separated and fully floating; a support rod mechanism is 

     installed in front of the clamp to effectively reduce mutual wear between the drill rod and the clamp.

  8.Compatible with Φ140x9600mm or Φ168x9600mm drill rods, with a floating spindle to protect the drill rod               threads.

  9.Floating beam and front and rear oil cylinders allow for adjustable incidence angle, facilitating loading and               unloading and transportation.

  10.Equipped with a crawler-type walking device, allowing direct movement and positioning in the construction            environment.

  11.Features an independent driver's cab containing basic facilities for work and life, with exquisite decoration,              spacious and comfortable interior, and broad visibility.

  12.Main control valve: Simple and reliable structure ensures trouble-free operation; large diameter design                    reduces  throttling loss and system heat generation, enhancing energy efficiency. Its compact shape and                  reasonable layout adapt well to the drilling rig's power system arrangement, allowing for increased push-pull          speed without affecting spindle torque and thrust force, meeting speed requirements under different working          conditions.

  13.Independently designed electro-hydraulic combined control system enables adaptive control of the main unit        for different working conditions and geologies, increasing construction efficiency by 20%-30%.

  14.Vehicle wiring harness circuit is simple, stable, and reliable.

  15.LCD human-machine interaction system allows for real-time control of equipment operation and monitoring           of  equipment status, making operation more convenient and comfortable.



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